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What is Graphic recording?


In all its simplicity Creative Support consists of a roll of white paper, some markers, tape and last but not least the ability with tremendous speed to simplify and visualize what is being said or shown in presentations, meetings, workshops, or conferences.

A great way to engage your meetings audience and extend the life of your conference content is to use a Graphic Recorders.


​I see myself as an artist who listen to a speaker and transcribe the information in a visual manner. Graphic Recorders can work as a recording services for summaries of the key messages of speakers at conferences, or executives or leaders to graphically facilitate for strategic planning and company visioning.

· Art Director  
· Graphic recorder  
· Visuel Facilitator
Jørn Nielsen
Jorn Nielsen from Creative Support

This kind of record helps the group "see what they mean." It promotes focus, understanding, creativity and out of the box thinking.


Because it is visual, it provides clarity.

Because it is created on the spot, it is engaging.

Because it reflects the group's own words and ideas, it creates ownership.

Because it is so large, it promotes big-picture thinking.

Groups become engaged and develop forward momentum much more quickly working with a graphic display than they do simply sitting around a conference table, or even working with traditional flip charts.


What is Visual facilitation?

Graphic Facilitation is the use of large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal. The method is used in various processes such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences. This visual process is conducted by a Graphic Facilitator.


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