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We have so far done over 80 of these “Whiteboard animated movies“ for clients all over the world. People were craving the low-tech human touch for communicating ideas and this hand-drawn animation phenomenon are the perfect concept.
With video images taking precedence over the written word due to greater use of computers, smartphones and tablets, whiteboard animation videos are becoming the popular choice for getting viewers to better understand your product or service.
Jorn Nielsen from Creative Support
The Process

-step by step production

STEP 1: Write your script

The content and the story you tell is arguably the most important part of your animation video.

Don’t think that the magic of “doodle“ animation will turn mind-numbingly dull material into compelling video. It won’t.

They are so great because the script are great.


Come up with an engaging story that can be told by a single narrator. It could be worthwhile to hire a professional writer to whip your content into shape.


Another thing: ten minutes of  animation does not a good video make. The maximum duration is about two to five minutes. After that fatigue sets in and your suffering viewer loses the message of your video.

If you need help to write your script, I can help you find the right script writer for your brand.


STEP 2: Rough storyboard

Once budget are approved, and I have your final script, I will use my understanding of storytelling and communicating ideas to develop sketches and a rough storyboard that will support your message. You will recieve this for your approval and comments.


STEP 3: Record your audio

You will provied Creative Support with the Voice Over file, Wmv format. Remember there’s a reason why there are professional voice actors and recording studios. Your audience is used to hearing the polished voiceovers of TV commercials and movie trailers, and your CEO reading a tedious monologue is a cue that it’s time to fall asleep.

I recomend that you use a professional audio company,

and my clients have with great success used


STEP 4: Finish illustration

When I have done corrections on the first draft, I will move into finish illustration. You will also receive this for your final approval and proof. You can check out some samples of finished drawings here.


STEP 5: Production

Once I have sign-off on the the final drawing, I will brief the production company and they will do thier magic and

edit/animate the illustration, hand and drawings to sync with the audio.


STEP 6: Launch

Your animation video is ready to be set free, in any video file type you need. We deliver in FULL 1080p HD for big screen, and web and iPhone formats.


Project Duration

We say 1 week for drawings and approvals, back and forth. Then about 2-3 weeks for production that I follow closely, with your final approval, comments.

Of course how much faster we can get a video made depends on project size, budget and our current work load.

Be sure to discuss your project timing when you call or mail me!


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