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Creative support, doodle animation, whiteboard animation, scribe films
Successful exhibitors are constantly looking for new, creative booth concepts that differentiate their conferences/exhibits from the competition and attract large numbers of booth visitors.
How about hiring an artist?

Hire an artis to drive traffic to your booth 

I have been working at many trade shows and congresses around the world. My experienced is that when you have a great concept at the booth, it engages booth personal, and more importantly it drives traffic, and help you collects leads at you booth.

So when you hire an artist, be sure to build the concept around something that supports your brand. 



There are two different ways of doing it.

The first one is the human solution

This works very well, people can interact, see and feel the 

Artist drawing their stories. But it can take up a lot of booth space, and time and effort to photo and clean up drawings after the Congress, not to mention the handling of all the paper. This solution can be combined with setting up a webcam, to show drawing on a wide screen.

The digital solution

Here work is done on a Wacom Cintiq or iPad, and transmitted directly on a wide-screen. In this way, the visualizations are transmitted live to a wider audience as the drawing and stories unfold.


There can be the concern that people lose “the human touch“, and some might think that it´s all pre-made even though they can see the drawings being made on the Cintiq or Ipad.





Contact me

What´s your solution? Please contact me, and let´s find out how I can support your brand at your next trade show or congress.


Due to legal issues, I can´t show the artwork made on the congresses or trade shows I have worked on. 

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